SGCC Impact Testing (Safety Glazing Certification Council)

Glass is EVERYWHERE. People are able to encounter glass thousands of times a week and never think about it because of Safety Glazing Testing. Safety Glazing Testing submits glass samples to tests which simulate impact and penetration energies to verify that any breakage is proper in order to ensure safety and also that any laminates are functional at extremes.

So the next time you stay in a hotel, look out a patio door or go down a stairwell with windows, consumers can feel confident that if there is glass breakage, the effects on human life will be minimal.

Accepted Industry Test Standards: CPSC 16 CFR 1201 for Category I or II or ANSI Z97.1-2004 for Class A or B

Benefits of Safety Glazing Testing:

  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Fair product comparisons
  • Informed product selection by Specifiers
  • Performance standards compliance CPSC, etc.
  • Easier code enforcement – Labels quickly confirm compliance
  • Building owner risk & liability minimization
  • Display a product’s benefits
  • Accurate, unbiased results
  • Marketplace assurance
  • Uniform code compliance requirements
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