Light Fixture Testing

With the ongoing push for more energy efficient homes, recessed light fixtures can become a significant source of air leakage or heat loss. Performing Air Leakage Resistance testing on recessed light fixtures can help alleviate any design issues i.e. gaskets, plates etc. using the ASTM E283 Air Leakage Test method. Our staff is willing to work closely with manufacturers to assist in developing a quality recessed light fixture.

Some states building codes specify an allowable leakage rate for recessed light fixtures. It is always best to check with local jurisdictions.

Benefits of Light Fixture Testing:

  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Fair product comparisons
  • Informed product selection
  • Performance standards compliance – Energy Star, etc.
  • Highlight new technology & refinement
  • Display a product’s benefits
  • Accurate, unbiased results
  • Streamlined research & development process

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