Insulated Glass Testing

Sealed Insulated Glass (SIG) Testing:

Performance Verification:

No one likes foggy windows.  It is important to ensure that products being manufactured are of a consistent quality.  Since windows employ glass, there are stringent performance requirements the glass must pass. In some cases, this testing is required in order to comply with other performance standards like NFRC.

NCTL subjects Sealed Insulated Glass units to environmental exposure to measure their performance for seal durability, weathering, fill and fogging. Insulating glass units endure a combined total of 15 weeks of exposure to extreme temperature variations, ultraviolet exposure, and humidity.

Important Note:

Be sure to contact your Inspection Agency or test lab for important quality control tips to aide in the success of your sealed insulated glass testing or to witness fabrication.

Benefits of SIG Testing:

  • Ensures consistent product quality
  • Fair product comparisons
  • Informed product selection
  • Performance standards compliance – NFRC, etc.
  • Highlight new technology & refinement
  • Display a product’s benefits
  • Accurate, unbiased results
  • Streamlined research & development process
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